feature: be a part of director cecile emeke’s upcoming projects

October 20, 2014

UK director Cecile Emeke is currently raising funds for her upcoming projects. Check out what she has to say + more info below. Support indie Black voices!
Ms. Emeke told us: “We are currently launching a crowd funding campaign to support two projects that you may have already seen featured on Afropunk: “Ackee & Saltfish” and “Strolling”. Ackee and Saltfish is a short film about two hilarious best friends Olivia and Rachel, which we are turning into a web series. And Strolling is an online documentary series where we go on a stroll with seemingly ordinary people who have some profound insights about life and various social issues; we talk about everything from microagressions against black women, to gentrification and monarchy. We are raising money for three main areas:
1) Equipment: that’s cameras, lights, sound and crew.
2) Travel: to help allow us to take strolling outside of the UK and give a voice to all parts of the African diaspora.
3) Events: to allow us to put on accessible screening events & discussions, similar to that of our latest successful event in London that sold out with 400 people coming out to participate.
More in depth details can be found at Support us and help us make dope art for dope people.”