free download + video: sa’ra charismata – gothic goddess in ‘gold digga’

August 4, 2014

With slow trippy beats and politically tinged lyrics, Swedish- Eritrean artist Sa’ra Charismata is an outspoken voice that mainstream media may never acknowledge.
Recently, she released the music video for her song “Gold Digga”, a critical assessment of materialistic, promiscuous women. Charismata’s beautiful, sexy gothic outfits and surroundings serve to support the grim world she sings of in verses like, “Cold sweat in an ugly stranger’s bed/Toxic kisses bourbon in his breath”.
– By Latonya Pennington

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“We have lost touch of who we are at our spiritual core and suffer as we continue to define others and ourselves by material possessions and status, a disease firmly embedded into our social structures.” – Sa’ra Charismata