chia – now, that’s a superfood! (5 good reasons to eat chia seeds)

July 15, 2014

Try Googling the term ‘superfood’ and you’ll get back a seemingly infinite list: from seeds and berries, to ancient grains, fruits and vegetables, each with their own unique claim to fame. It can be pretty tricky to know what’s real and what’s hype, and unfortunately the few foods that really deserve the term ‘super’ often get lost amongst the clutter. To cut through the noise, we’re breaking down the five key reasons why chia more than deserves the title of superfood, and why you should eat it every day.

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Omega 3 for mood boosting

Chia is the richest plant source of omega-3, which is an essential fatty acid. Fats make up 60% of our brain and insulate our nerve cells. Omega-3 oils reduce inflammation in the blood vessels and cells of our brain, helping to promote good blood flow and increase positive mood. Omega-3 also helps improve hormonal imbalances, so be sure to eat fresh fish at least twice a week and plant sources of omega-3, like chia, every day.

Fiber for digestive health

Chia comprises 37% fiber,20% of which is soluble and 80% which is insoluble. Both soluble and insoluble fiber are extremely important in maintaining healthy digestive function.  Many people compare chia seeds with flax seeds, however we would say there is no comparison: chia has twice the fiber of flaxseeds, can be eaten without any need for milling or processing, and has no flavor.

Helps keep you full

Chia holds 16 times its weight in water and swells to form a thick gel when mixed with liquids.  This gel-forming actionslows the conversion of carbohydrate to sugar and provides a slow release of energy, stabilizing your blood sugars, reducing cravings and helps to keep youfeeling full for longer.

Chia is Gluten Free

Chia is the only gluten free wholegrain that can be eaten raw, directly from the packet, without grinding or cooking.  Chia is predominantly known as an oil seed, but it is also a wholegrain food. People managing gluten free diets often struggle to find sources of wholegrain nutrition and chia offers an excellent alternative. Chia is very easy to add to your diet – sprinkle onto your muesli or cereals, into your salads or smoothies, or add to your baking.

Vegan Protein

The protein in chia contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a ‘complete’ protein. This is incredibly rare for a plant based source of protein, and makes chia particularly beneficial for vegetarians and vegans. Our body uses protein to build and repair tissue, synthesize and regulate hormones and asthe building blocks of bones, cartilage, muscles, skin and blood. Protein is required to function every cell in our body and because it is not stored in the body we need to eat it every day.  Chia is a fabulous source of vegan protein and is easy to include in the daily diet – you can even use chia to replace eggs in vegan baking!

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