new music: forget tomorrow breathe new life into post-hardcore on their latest ep ‘identity’ #soundcheck

May 19, 2014

25 years since Fugazi kicked off the dueling vocalist post-hardcore revolution, and new bands are still finding new ways to push the sound in new directions. Connecticut based Forget Tomorrow add touches of dubstep, industrial, and metalcore into their sound on their latest EP Identiy.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Many of the songs kick off with an electronic intro before the full band kicks in. Breakdowns are cut up with stutter cuts, and the guitars are manipulated with pitch shifters, but there are mercifully no wobbly bass lines. Instead, the band plays straight ahead post-hardcore through a glitching modem. The seamless use of electronics in their music suggests a malfunctioning microchip just underneath the chugging muscular machine of their tight rhythm section. Dueling guitarists Dustin Paolino and Brandon Bugush interject the odd triumphant metal lead into their ultra-low-end riffing.

Singers Kevin Loftus (screams) and Avery Taylor (clean vocals) have a lot of chemistry between them. They avoid the all-too-common trap of a lot of modern post-hardcore where the screamer unimaginatively echoes key lines, and maybe only gets to sing on their own in the breakdown. Instead, the two bounce off each other echoing the interplay between the guitars. That sort of post-hardcore by numbers has marred a lot of other talented bands whose songs end up sounding like easy rehashes of each other. But across their 6 tracks, Forget Tomorrow show considerable variety and variation. From the quasi-RnB of “Just Fine” to the metal-tinged closer “Lincoln Street” the band is careful to give each track a personality and identity. And in a genre whose supposed raw emotion often comes off more as screaming by rote than because of any deep personal need, the final note of “Lincoln Street” will give you chills. That’s some realness.