new music: afro soul artist jeff darko’s debut ep ‘epic dreams of a pedestrian’ #soundcheck

May 7, 2014

Part Afro Soul, part synth pop, and topped with sprinkles of hip-hop, UK based singer/songwriter Jeff Darko’s debut EP Epic Dreams Of A Pedestrian definitely doesn’t suffer from a shortage of ideas. The 6-song set crisscrosses genres, sounds, and eras for something that owes a little to the 80’s while still sounding totally fresh.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

The EP opens with the infectious “Don’t Worry Me Now.” A house sub-bass line collides with West African rhythms and chants beneath Jeff Darko’s effortlessly cool vocal. The eagle cry is maybe a little much, but it’s the sort of touch that’s just preposterous enough to be awesome. It’s important not to take yourself too seriously. “I Am (Je Suis)” kicks off with a stellar guest vocal from Mzet before Darko’s French chorus. It’s haunting and ethereal before it all self-deconstructs in reverse.

Tracks like “Week End” and “Right To Your Heart” are the sort of summer jams that sound best played loud with the windows down. But when Jeff Darko shows his depth on the stunning “Can’t Erase You,” he shows that he’s got much more going on than just a way with a pop song. His multi-layered vocals swirl and envelop perfectly encapsulating the sinking feeling at the end of a relationship. With a voice like this, and his ear for inventive arrangements, Epic Dreams Of A Pedestrian point to great things from Jeff Darko to come.

Photo by Milo Cosemans