feature: the samofftharecord experience – welcome to atlanta rock of ages

May 2, 2014

Greetings Friends, I come in peace. Today is a good day! Actually a GREAT day! “The SamOffThaRecord Experience” Season 1 Finale is here! In this episode I take you into a place where dreams collide, great minds intertwine, good energy abides and creative forces unite, all in the name of love, music, art, progress, and change! No great thing was ever accomplished by just one person alone. It takes unity to create a shift, to begin a revolution. Welcome to Atlanta Rock Of Ages.
Atlanta Rock Of Ages (AROA) kicked off its first show of the year in a private venue but there was nothing private about it. Everyone is welcome to experience the night. Everyone is welcome to get lost in the music, to dance til’ you drop, and to receive and spread all the good vibrations.
Headlining bands such as Hero The Band, Another Gypsy, and Vintage Nation set the stage on fire, literally!! An aerialist dangled from the ceiling gracefully while the music played, a beach ball bounced around back and forth between the crowd, people showed off their best dance moves, and we smiled… damn it.. we laughed, we smiled, we danced, we sweat, we crowd surfed and we lived for the night, because that is what life is about. Life is for living, creating, and inspiring everyone around us.
I couldn’t find a more fitting way to close this season than surrounded by some of the people who have inspired me along my journey in this city that has given me life and wings. After all, the mission of “The SamOffThaRecord Experience” is to inspire dreamers to turn their dreams into reality and that’s what we do! Everyone at Atlanta Rock Of Ages is living out dreams, uniting to start a love revolution, inspire masses, and shift our culture as one. Hit play and enjoy the experience.
Thank you for your love and support!
Stay tuned for a more dynamic Season 2 coming in June 2014! Learn more about the “AROA” (Atlanta Rock Of Ages) Movement at IG: @_aroa

By Samantha Ramirez, AFROPUNK Contributor *
Photos by Brent Gates

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* The SamOffThaRecord Experience is a show created to provoke, inspire, and motivate dreamers of all ages to take the necessary actions to turn dreams into reality and become culture shock game changers. SOTR features some of the most influential creatives and brands that have crossed my path along my personal journey to my dreams. This is a show about my life, the places, faces and spaces I see all while chasing dreams, taking risks, and living life, OFFTHARECORD!

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