feature: photographer mark gellineau: capturing the magic of personal growth

May 12, 2014

Throughout our adolescence we all seem to encounter similar stages of growth, like: emotional, mental, and a rebellious mentality. But, during your transition period were you ever aware of the gradual changes occurring within you? Well, these moments became the muse for photographer, Mark Gellineau’s captivating imagery. Then, as an adventurous teen exploring the downtown areas of Trinidad with friends, he documented their journeys as young men intrigued by the many cultures, personalities, and inspirations that his island had to offer.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

When I began to examine his candid portraits, I instantly became aware of a mystical energy that usually remains unanswered. Somewhere between his eyes and his subjects is a mutual understanding- a divine connection. This kind of connection denominates all photography that I gravitate towards, but it is indeed the odd that Mark chooses to photograph reverencing his appreciation of life.

When I asked him to describe his gift and vision when capturing presence, he stated: “Everyone is interesting and the only thing that hides it is shyness. That social mask we all don to tuck away our truer natures to the unfamiliar. Once you approach someone in a real and open way, they often respond in kind. That’s all I do honestly, no mysterious technique or particular personality types. Just getting people comfortable so we can give each other a tiny piece of ourselves when I trip that shutter. It’s an exchange.”

Before growing into the man he has now become, Mark remained shy. But, from his coyness mirrored a respect for the reclusiveness of nature. And through the modesty between him and the world, he expanded like a sponge, soaking in knowledge about people that has remained a solid foundation of his craft, as well as an interest in understanding others’ life journey – regardless of how cliche their story may unfold.

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