ap fashion: jewelry spotlight: purposerosa by yarminiah and yaminah rosa

May 30, 2014

Looking to accessorize this summer with some fabulous and edgy earrings and rings? Then you are going to fall in love with Purposerosa, “a design house founded by sisters Yarminiah and Yaminah Rosa.” These flashy pieces are sure to turn heads and dazzle in the summer sun or glow in the darkness of the night!

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor *

They say: “We create gorgeous jewelry using repurposed materials such as dried mango and grapefruit skin, recycled tennis balls, matchsticks, rose petals, and sanded mirror shards. We are driven by the possibility of positive transformation and the idea that everything and everyone has a purpose. Our mission is to encourage and empower supporters with our message of creativity, motivation, and will to make something from nothing.”

The pieces are fierce, and completely unique… I have my eye on the Gallactic Cuff Earrings, and when they say unique they mean it… “each earring is made from carefully selected mirror shards that cannot be replicated. Your pair will look different than the ones shown here, but they will be equally fly!” Whether a pair of earrings or rings, Purposerosa designs are truly innovative, conscious of the environment and the Brooklyn based sisters have the unique ability to creatively reuse what the earth has to offer.

Purposerosa is a definite yes for fly, edgy and chic summer accessories to add to your jewelry box.

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Twitter: @purposerosa

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