free download: lo and /_drian daniel release otherworldly ep ‘fkkking high’

April 9, 2014

The story surrounding the coming together of German producer LO’s and New York singer/songwriter /_drian Daniel’s union is an intriguing one. An unsuspecting LO “stumbled” across vocally adept /_drian Daniel’s music and out of sheer awe and admiration, reached out. I totally understand why. A well seasoned artist (thanks to touring all over New York with his band The Stoners), /_drian Daniel boasts an impressive set of pipes on him. Almost a year later, we have this stirring body of work from the pair’s collaboration in the guise of the dope Fkkking High EP consisting of four original songs, two remixes and the clean version of the title track.

By Ayara Pommells, AFROPUNK Contributor *

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Fkkking High is a potent blend of r&b, pop, with some UK bass. From the ultra sensual title track “Fkkking High” to the melancholic “Hollow Shell”, it’s all gold. I’ll be brash enough to put place this mixtape in the same vein as After The Smoke’s Microwaves EP (my favourite EP so far this year). The working chemistry is undeniable. “Perfectly Numb (ENNIO REMIX)” is an unanticipated delight. The first four tracks will leave you hot and heavy, so the Saturday night dance feel injected into the rework is welcomed (if only to cool off for few minutes).

It’s about indulging in love, in both its emotional and physical manifestations. It’s actually rather poetic. A man of faith, Daniel has even gone so far as to redefine the word stoner. It was a lengthy definition but I feel this shortened version communicates the message perfectly.

/_drian Daniel’s camp says: ” ‘Stonerland’ …a place, a mindset where music is your high…a place in time to chill out and flow with the divine spirit…staying one step ahead of the rat race, the barrel of monkeys, the chorus of complainers…Working through crap that happens in life and not pretend that the crap do not exist. You may act like the pile of crap is not there but when you standing in a pile of crap the stench will knock you back to your senses. … WARNING! Slackers, procrastinators, bulls**t artists, bootleg video vixens, reality tv wannabes, fake ass rappers! R&B crooners hooked on non-stop riffs, turned up auto tuned singers, and DJ’s who talk s**t but don’t sign checks … WE DON’T MESS WITH YOU! Do not proceed any further. If you can f**k with us we want to f**k with you. WELCOME TO STONERLAND!”

An intriguing concept, the act of striving to redeem a word already staunchly synonymous with several of the characters and characteristics listed in the above description. He’s a talented guy. I’m sure it will catch on. Fkkking High is a smoldering commingling of genres executed to fulfillment. LO’s production transcends. He is on another level with this project. We love it.

Check them out at: @thisislo / @adthestoner

* Ayara Pommells is Owner of UK website and a music writer for, & Follow @YahYahNah.