feature: renee dion’s whimsical ‘moonlight’ album

April 16, 2014

You’d be surprised at the volume of great music that goes unnoticed every day. Well, here’s one awesome project you won’t have to miss out on. Columbus, Ohio native Renee Dion is one of those artists you’ll be thankful you’ve come across. The singer/songwriter (who now resides in New York City), hooked up with splendiferous producer Jon Rogers to release the ultra smooth Moonlight album.

By Ayara Pommells, AFROPUNK Contributor *

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Moonlight is a personal project, using the significant changes in her life and playing them out through heartfelt confessions and dreamy production. Much of its inspiration has been accredited to falling in love and getting hitched. Love’ll do that to you. Renee Dion absorbs her surroundings in their completeness and the result is a beautiful view of life through her amorous tinted lenses. “I Do” journals the evolution of her romance with her husband from their very first touch, to walking down the aisle. “Wife Duties” starts off with Renee stating “I do it because I’m your wife”, a unabashed ode to her man both in and outside of the bedroom. A little saucy but not TMI (if you catch my drift).

One of my favs off the album is “Love Echoes”, featured towards the end of her vid for “Lo Fi”. Renee’s melodic vocals echo over the weightless keys. Jon Rogers excels at jamming bundles of flavor into every beat. This is a conceptual album of the subtle kind. Moonlight is very delicate listening for the finest tuned musical palates. Soul lovers will easily be able to distinguish its many intricacies. Chill, euphoric soul for the senses.

“Moonlight is a true depiction of where I am currently in my life. This is some of the most honest music I’ve created”… – Renee Dion

Photo by Eric Jefferson

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