feature: outkast reunite back home at counterpoint festival

April 28, 2014

“The south has something to say,” famous words hollered by Big Boi at the Source Awards in 1995. Flash forward 20 years and the people in the south are at the edge of their seat waiting anxiously despite extreme weather conditions to hear the South’s most beloved duo say something!
The past three days at the Counterpoint Festival 2014 at Kingston Downs, GA have been something close to magical, full of excitement, bare breasts & asses, and a musical lineup that has left me in a trance (full recap coming soon). However, there is no denying that masses poured in at the last minute, others camped out and some held their spot for hours near the Blue Freedom stage to witness history! It would be safe to say that 90% of the people present were here to see Outkast.

By Samantha Ramirez, AFROPUNK Contributor *
Video & Photos by Brent D. Gates

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Big Boi and Andre 3000 hadn’t graced a stage as a duo since 2002, with their first performance being in Coachella a couple weeks ago, fans here in the south were highly anticipating the home performance. This night they were home in the “A” igniting the night and shouting what they’ve been trying to say for 20 years.

A performance that was initially set to start at 10 pm was rescheduled until 11pm due to the storm that put Counterpoint Festival on hold. A red glowing pyramid stood in the center of the stage. The red drape came off revealing a clear box with a big screen and digital effects, a white wig wearing Andre 3000 and Big Boi ran on the stage kicking off the concert with “Bombs Over Baghdad”. The energy was dynamic, the crowd roared and that was the beginning of an unforgettable experience. Among the songs Outkast performed were Ms. Jackson, Aquemini, Rosa Parks, Prototype, She Lives In My Lap, Hey Ya, & I Like The Way You Move, in which a silk robe wearing Sleepy Brown performed along the duo.

A sea of festival goers crowded the stage, some dancing, some reciting every lyric, and some even crying, all closely listening to what the south has been trying to say. This was the Outkast 20 year reunion.

Here we gathered some exclusive close and personal footage of this historical moment in music!

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