feature: dc street style by britt elyse nelson: prepster punk

April 11, 2014

Name: Quincy Jones (

Occupation: Event Curator/Stylist

Place you live/from: Washington, DC from Virginia

Next place you wish to visit:

Why? Have we ever found where unicorns live? That’s where I wish to visit. Pretty self explanatory, unicorns rock…

How would you describe your city’s style? Washington, DC style is amazing. It’s such a beautiful fashion melting pot that reflects the city’s transient culture. I live in the Columbia Heights area, and in one city block I can witness Howard University students wearing their interpretation of urban prep, a business man in an impeccably tailored suit, a girl walking her dog in a chic casual day look, and some kids from the city’s punk rock scene in beautifully worn leather bomber jackets and Doc Martens. That’s the true DC style that we rarely see represented on websites or publications that “represent” DC. People from other cities are STILL saying that we’re [DC] not a fashion forward city, because all they see when they Google “DC Style” is mediocre shit. Being in a political town, politics definitely trickles over into the “fashion scene”. I know a couple (a couple meaning 50) fashion bloggers that have no clue what true fashion is. They call themselves a “fashion blogger/stylist”, but because of politics (meaning they’ve donated to the right charity or kissed the proper asses) their lackluster product is pushed to the forefront. There are so many people in DC with impeccable style that simply aren’t showcased. Special thanks to AFROPUNK for keeping it real!

What influences/inspires your personal style the most? Nothing really, it’s just a feeling I get for the most part. When I go shopping and I find a piece that I literally feel like I can’t live without, it has to come with me. If it doesn’t give you butterflies in my stomach,I don’t buy it.

Some days I wake up and feel a little more preppy, and other days I embrace my darker side and dress a tad more punk. Those close to me know that I don’t own “outfits”. Why would someone buy an article of clothing that could only be worn with one other thing? That’s cray. Of course I stay current with trends, but I never follow them.

Do you consider yourself an artist? Yes, I’m an artist person for sure. There’s nothing much I can’t do. I dabble in photography,music,the culinary arts,style,poetry—the list goes on… When you’re a true creative,if you use the energy properly,you should be able to do anything.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would you choose and why? Karl Lagerfeld. He’s a genius who is totally unapologetic for being what others perceive as bizarre. Bizarre or not, him and his team at Chanel continue to turn out fresh interpretations on classic pieces. One of my favorite quotes by Lagerfeld is, “I have no human feelings.” Whether it’s in your love life, or even career, you always get messed up when feelings are involved. I’ll stay on the safe side, and remain being callous like Uncle Karl. You don’t go running home crying to mama that way.

* A Howard University graduate, Britt Elyse Nelson is a photojournalist living in Washington D.C. She specializes in capturing and sharing the creative essence of individuals as they display their unique street style.

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