ap fashion: swimsuit season is almost here… bantu wax will get you excited!

April 8, 2014

So with this bit of warm weather in NYC and finally the pleasant feeling of sun beaming down on my skin—I spent part of my weekend trolling on the web, planning my fantasy vacation in Barbados, creating a 2014 summer playlist, and of course searching for bathing suits.
Honestly, I have never bought a bathing suit/bikini that I’ve truly loved… nothing has ever really wowed me. My swimsuit shopping has always been very rushed — I pop in to a H & M or Forever 21, pick up whatever I believe may look good and boom, done. I’ve have always shied away from investing in my swimwear, but this summer I will take a plunge and invest in a sexy BUT affordable swimsuit. I want something unique, practical and of course colorful. I am not quite willing to spend $300 dollars on a swimsuit (college student here), but I am willing to splurge a bit… plus sometimes you have to treat yourself, right?
In my searching, I stumbled upon Bantu Wax and fell in love. The vibrant, energetic and strong colors of the swimsuits are aesthetically shocking. Bantu Wax embraces the notion that Africa is the “bearer of light”…future of the world.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor

“… Inspired by Africa’s transition from dark continent to bearer of light, tales of the mermaid goddess of oceans mami wata, and a passion for surfing, Bantu was created by merging the rich history of African art and textiles with Africa’s deeply rooted surf culture. 

Bantu uses traditional processes and works exclusively with local vendors and artisans in africa to make quality products that are functional and authentic for surfers, urban nomads and afro-punks.
Bantu is real beachwear from the real Africa”
– Bantu Wax
Bantu works with vendors and artisans within various African countries, in support of job markets and economies, while creating a functional, sexy, and refreshing product for both males and females. This seasons suits are products of Cape Town, South Africa. The mission and design behind the suits are rejuvenating… the colors—purples, blues, pinks, oranges, yellows and many more are sure to look stunning on glowing summer skin.

Despite the woes that often come with bikini shopping, I am excited to purchase a Bantu Wax swimsuit…thinking of the “High Tide Bikini Two-Piece: Fans H.” What can I say…yes, I am extremely ecstatic about the joy that I will feel when summer has arrived. Here’s to warmer days!

Check out Bantu Wax on their website, Facebook and Instagram—I am sure their suits will get you in the mood for beach season! They also sell surfboards.

Facebook: Bantu
Instagram: bantuwax

Stay fly!

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