new music: punk in honolulu! stream the split ep from beaman and tv microwave. #soundcheck

March 11, 2014

Much like there’s a 20% chance that if your punk band is from the 80’s, that either Brian Baker or Keith Morris played in it, if you’re in a punk band from Honolulu, odds are pretty good that Kevin Titty’s in your band. Check behind the guitar cab. He might be hiding. He’s a master of disguise. The prolific singer and songwriter behind The Substitoots‘ dopeness is back this week with a split EP, with Honolulu’s TV Microwave (Kevin’s not in that band. Probably.) BEAtvmicrowaveMAN is available now on Bandcamp.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

The split makes me wish I still skated (bad knees…fuck I’m old.). It’s a burst of classic melodic hardcore. TV Microwave’s contributions betray a love of early Jawbreaker and Lifetime. Harsh distorted bass and full throated vocals, particularly on the killer “Simple Adjustment,” are reminiscent of that brief magical period in the early 90’s before emocore started to suck. “SALT” hews closer to old school pop punk with conversational confrontational lyrics.

Beaman’s contributions find Kevin Titty (aka Kevin Tit aka Kevin Feagins) and co with middle fingers raised squarely. “I hate my fucking job and I’m sick of paying rent!” The band shouts in the chorus of “Like a Floor.” It segues straight into their second contribution, “Cauterized.” A jokey song of unrequited love and social awkwardness, it ends with the singalong coda “I’m a creep / why am I this way?”

Because life is awesome, the split is also available as a limited edition cassette. Grab your walkmen and your skateboards. The 90’s are back and it’s nearly spring.

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