new music: jarell perry’s new ep ‘white’ is just right!

March 10, 2014

As Jarell Perry’s careers begins to take speed, the LA native releases his brand new White EP. You’ve probably already gotten to grips with singles ‘Black Valentine’ or ‘Braindead’ (the hot steamy visuals which premiered on AFROPUNK last month), but the seven-track EP has much more to offer.

By Ayara Pommells, AFROPUNK Contributor *

‘Eleven’ featuring Chuck Inglish is an electro-soul sound with a hip hop periphery. Chuck Inglish (of hip hop duo The Cool Kids) keeps his verse short and sweet and allows Jarell Perry to keep center stage which is awesome. I find it cringe worthy whenever artists get outshone on their own projects. I know it happens often but it just shouldn’t in my book. It doesn’t happen here.

‘Smoking Gun’ is an airy, ambient tune laced with sex. By the time you get to the fourth track of the EP you realize that Jarell Perry’s White EP is quite a saucy little number. Produced entirely by DJ HSVN, the beats are anything but simplistic. HSVN is so in tune with Jarell’s mystical, almost spiritual vibe. Wherever the beat goes, Jarell’s is right alongside it and the two intertwine and seductively become one. This EP is extremely sexual and sensual in nature. It’s reminiscent me of a 90’s r&b album purely in the way in which it harks back to a time when you could play the album from start to finish without skipping a beat. This rarely happens (for me) nowadays… or though I have to admit that 2014 has provided us some high quality offerings thus far. R&B stepping away from the clubs and returning to its home, love and the art of lovemaking.

Jarell has been hailed as r&b’s ‘next’. I agree. The White EP is way more profound than an artist picking a beat and singing over it. The White EP is the Jarell Perry and the promise of many more delicious things to come.

You can purchase your White EP copy on iTunes HERE.

* Ayara Pommells is Owner of UK website and a music writer for, & Follow @YahYahNah.