new music: free download of blaqstarr’s new ep ‘trinity’ before it drops. #soundcheck

March 28, 2014

Baltimore’s mad genius beatsmith Blaqstarr is more known for his innovative club bangers than for ambiance. But on his latest EP Trinity, the performer/producer slows the beats down and cranks up the reverb for a moody and surprisingly beautiful set of songs.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Click HERE for the free download, available until March 30th 2014

The EP opens with “You,” a track that borrows equally from the Bomb Squad’s production and Brian Eno. The crowd chants that have often appeared in Blaqstarr’s beats pop up briefly, but almost as if they’re just there to remind us how different Trinity is going to be from his other EPs. His 2011 Divine EP pushed the versatile producer away from his earlier trademark sound, but this is a clean break. Clean, but reverb-soaked guitars ride vintage beats beneath a wave of chopped up vocal samples. Blaqstarr pushes the ambiance further on the stunning “The River.” His haunted vocals explode into a rapped verse before falling back into the murky waters.

Anyone expecting the electro producer behind MIA’s “World Town” and “XXXO” will be thrilled and frustrated equally by EP closer “Release Yourself.” The beat wouldn’t be out of place on any Blaqstarr production, but the half-time guitars brilliantly subvert what would have otherwise been yet another club classic. If Divine EP was Blaqstarr in chrysalis, Trinity is the birth of the new Blaqstarr. And it’s glorious.

Through Sunday March 30th, you can download the EP for free by posting about it on Twitter or Facebook.