feature: welcome to saturn. we’re hooked on sudan moon

March 21, 2014

Life is a little groovier here on the seventh planet. With a small population of bold dreamers, we seldom argue about anything. There’s no social media to distract us from the present and we communicate telepathically. But with a distance of nearly a billion miles from the Sun (its reflection on the glorious rings and numerous moons notwithstanding), it can get quite dark here. We counter the overwhelming darkness with radiant beams of light generated from heavy doses of Sudan Moon, a weirdo artist from Ohio.
After a strong hit, you are likely to get lost in the floating visuals, warm and inviting. Sometimes there’s a hedonistic touch. Don’t be scared. It’s okay to feel good.

By Le Black Star, AFROPUNK Contributor *

As your eyes are captivated by the sights, the tribal and trance vibes of her grooves calm you on your rapid trip through time and space.
And each time you come back down to earth, you bring something with you that can’t be confiscated by airport security – a warmth in your heart and an urge to create (and procreate). You can see the pyramids we’ve built from Earth with a powerful telescope but we would prefer that you join us. Wouldn’t you rather hang out on Saturn?

PS: Sudan played her first show at a small bar recently and will be performing more beat shows in the Cincinnati area. The last time we chatted, she was in a friend’s basement studio to record for her upcoming EP Golden City, which she described as retro-groove with rollerskating and carnivals.

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Instagram: MsSudanMoon
Facebook: Sudan Moon
Twitter: @Sundan_Moon