feature: the samofftharecord experience: watch the duck x t.i.

March 26, 2014

Hello again AFROPUNK Community! Welcome back to “The SamOffThaRecord Experience”. Lights! Camera!! Action!!! In this episode I take you behind the scenes at the Watch The Duck x “The King Of The South”, T.I’s video shoot for “Girlfriend” from WTD’s ‘Anatidaephobia’ (meaning: the fear a duck is watching you) project. The concoction of Watch The Duck’s sound which is a fusion of dubstep, soul, r&b, hip hop and trapstep along with the south’s most beloved practitioner of the microphone art, The Rubberband Man’s lyrics came as a delightful and creative surprise. The set up was at one of Atl’s most eclectic, subterranean discoteque, MJQ frequented by lovers of good music and the underground. Join me as I explore the transformation of the venue into an artful wonderland, a mesh up of vibrant colors, dancing lights, fog, and eccentric beautiful characters parading around infecting each other with creative, dynamic, and positive energy. Fellow artists and creatives such as Trae The Truth, Tabius Tate, and Attitude to name a few showed up to show their support. Throughout the day and night I arrived at the realization that those of us present were witnessing a step forward in Atlanta’s music scene while watching the dreams of Watch the Duck become realities. You should no longer fear the duck watching you.. Instead be very afraid if you aren’t yet watching or listening to the duck. LIVE.CREATE.INSPIRE.

By Samantha Ramirez, AFROPUNK Contributor *

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