feature: the nfl asking m.i.a. to pay over 16 million dollars for middle finger during the 2012 halftime show

March 18, 2014

The NFL is now asking M.I.A. to pay over 16 million dollars for showing her middle-finger (as in flipping the bird) during the Super Bowl halftime show in 2012. They had initially asked for $1.5 million in arbitration for tarnishing the NFL’s “goodwill and reputation”. To which M.I.A.’s lawyer Howard King then replied on her behalf: “Of course, the NFL’s claimed reputation for wholesomeness is hilarious in light of the weekly felonies committed by its stars, the bounties placed by coaches on opposing players, the homophobic and racist comments uttered by its players, the complete disregard for the health of players”.
Now the NFL want an additional $15.1 million as a “restitution”, a figure based on what advertisers would have paid for this exposure according to The Hollywood Reporter.
M.I.A. told the arbitrator that the “continued pursuit of this proceeding is transparently an exercise by the NFL intended solely to bully and make an example of Respondents for daring to challenge NFL”.

The “offense”:

Legal papers M.I.A. tweeted: