feature: inky jack – “freedom” #soundcheck

March 27, 2014

Stream “Freedom,” the latest single from space soul duo Inky Jack. #SoundCheck

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Inky Jack made a big impression with their self-titled EP last year. The single “Red For Days” remains a staple in my playlist. The Brooklyn-based darkwave soul duo is back with their latest single, the ADD-riddled “Freedom.”

The new single tears at the boundary between darkwave and dubstep creating tension in its wake. The band’s characteristic ambiance bubbles beneath jittering doubletime synths. Singer Kwame’s raspy vocals slip between soulful and spacey as he intones “fortune and fame” over producer Dipesh’s giant dub beats. Like the best Inky Jack tracks, “Freedom” belongs as the soundtrack to a trip through hyperspace. Or regular space if hyperspace turns out to be not a real thing.

Either way, check out the single and stay tuned for more space soul goodness from Inky Jack.