feature: eclectic dopeness – artist micah blacklight tells his story to inspire

March 21, 2014

My name is Micah BlackLight and I am a living, breathing message. Inspire. If you do nothing else in this world, know that you have inspired someone, and or something has arisen from that inspiration. Understand that whether you will it or no, whether you accept it or not, you are impacting SOMEone, and it may not be in the manner you would wish, but positively or negatively it is going to happen. It’s happening already. One of the main differences between myself and anybody else [aside from the vehicle for my soul masquerading as a body that I walk within] is the fact that I inspire intentionally. It is the purpose I have chosen to embody while I am here.
I do it through my everything. I write, I draw, I dance, I spit [rhymes, song lyrics, poetry, speech], I design and create clothing, and I’m a new, extremely happy full-time papa. I light fires under people’s spirits. I detonate souls.

By Micah BlackLight, AFROPUNK Contributor

We never know who or how many people we are affecting/impacting with everything we do, period. Everything from what we wear, to the words we choose, the way we carry ourselves, everything and anything we put out into the world, consciously or not so much, can and often times does, have unforeseen impact on people we have no idea we are even affecting.

I’m inspired by everything from Mad Max to Alexander McQueen, from the Burning Man to primitive archetypes and essences.

A long time ago, I stopped frustrating my personal Muse[s]. I started listening when they’d scream an idea into my ear only I could hear, and when they saw me responding consistently, I believe they turned on the faucet for good. I’ve never stopped since. I can’t stop creating. I won’t stop reaching. Defiance drives me just as much as any other force. My defiance comes from choosing to BLAZE as hard and bright and powerfully as I possibly can in answer to those who would see me, and others like me, crushed.

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Nothing gives other people permission to shine, like shining. Nothing moves so much as example. I was born a brown male in a society and a world where that particular physiology is routinely depicted as fucked up. I get to smash preconceptions on a daily basis just by existing and vibrating on a frequency that is anything but stereotypical. And that is my bridge. That is one way I get to give back—by consciously living my life as an example of what being a black male CAN look like, what an alternative artist of color and an artist period can look like, what kindness can look like, what compassion can look like, articulate communication and eloquent expression can look like.

A last bit to chew on if you feel it: The next time you get an idea for a project, be it arranging shelves or doing a song or some kinda art, don’t just put it on the back-burner. Even if you’re holding down a job and you feel like you’ve got no time. Write that idea down, dedicate a teensy bit of time to it every flippin’ day, or every other day, but when you’re doing it, DO IT, and watch what happens. I’m betting you’ll start to want more time on it, I’m betting you’ll start to MAKE more time for it. And there, in a nutshell, is my process. I have consistently carved time to let my collective Muses know I’m not only listening, but I’m READY. If you let your dreams know you’re actually pullin’ for ’em, you’re actually intent on getting them accomplished even if it takes you years, those same dreams will hold you up when you need them, and they’ll pave your way from where you are now, to where you want to be.

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PS: I’m giving a HUGE shout out to my good friend JLove Calderon [What up J!], who created and directed the video series that brought me to the attention of Afropunk in the first place, and Alex Schein, producer and editing extraordinaire. Without them, I wouldn’t be “talking” to you now and I wouldn’t be celebrating the fact that I get to be featured in

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