chicago alt-soul duo milo & otis breathes new life into the break-up song on “entire.” #soundcheck

March 24, 2014

There’s a fine line between a great break-up song and well, Saves the Day’s entire discography. We all feel a little like wallowing in self-pity after a bad break-up, but a great break-up song has to have more to say than “you made me sad.” Chicago alt-soul duo Milo and Otis’ latest single “Entire” takes the well-trodden theme into new depths with some of the most honest lyrics ever written on the subject.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

“This is a love song for myself,” singer Jamila Woods (aka Milo) opens before quickly devolving into the spate of contradictions and sidetracks that come with heartbreak. “I burned the teddy bear you gave me / Well, not really / But I thought about it real hard.” Producer Owen “Otis” Hill wisely keeps the arrangement minimal. Just a bass, an echoing guitar, and Jamila’s miles deep voice. “I will remember what it’s like to feel entire / I’m not a puzzle piece / I am the whole damn frame.”

M&O’s upcoming album ‘Almost Us’ is due out in early April.