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pauline ngouala/zanele muholi – paintings against homophobia

February 12, 2014

Name a better calling in life other than the privilege to uplift people globally, and be the voice of those oppressed, and muted? Visual Artist/Activist Zanele Muholi is making her voice known as well as the LGBT community’s by demanding respect, all the while bringing to light the issues, treatment, and honor within the LGBT community. Painter Pauline Ngouala (pictured), who is currently collaborating with the artist on a project paying tribute to lesbians killed in South Africa, painted a beautiful portrait of Zanele as a sign of respect towards her and her involvement in the LGBT community as an dedicated activist. I’m sure we can expect great things from these two artists. Rest assure that with them putting their minds together, the world will be enlighten to great awareness! Some of the portarits will be exhibited in Brussels during LGBTI African film festival Massimadi, May 1-3 2014.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Photo by Emilie Jouvet, painter Pauline Ngouala with Zozo Duduzile’s portait on the front and Zanele Muholi’s one the back

Pauline Ngouala painted Buhle Mbsibi, LGBT activist and AIDS fighter killed in 2006, she was 25.

“Muholi, who describes herself as a ‘visual activist’, has spent years documenting the lives of black lesbians and transgender people in South Africa. ‘We live in fear,’ Muholi said. ‘And what are we doing about it? You have to document. You are forced to document’.” – Human Rights Watch

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