news: sound check – the big takeover’s unique blend of reggae & soul on lp ‘children of the rhythm’

February 19, 2014

A ska/reggae band lives and dies on the tightness of it’s rhythm section and the energy of the singer. Everything else is personality. Luckily, on their 3rd full length album Children of the Rhythm (out now), The Big Takeover are bursting at the seams with all three.
Singer Nee Nee Rushie brings the party on the title track and the appropriately named lead single “Party.” But Rushie shows her depth on the simmering ballad “New Love.” The rhythm section of Rob Kissner (bass) and Hector Becerra (drums) hold down the groove, and find the perfect sweet spot where the beats are hypnotic without succumbing to monotony. The band branches out into retro soul on “No Way” and the 50’s throwback ballad “Grain of Sand.” Part of The Big Takeover’s charm is that there’s almost as much Motown in their music as there is Studio One. (The other part is that they’re named after my favorite Bad Brains song…)

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Children of the Rhythm follows in the great tradition of modern ska/reggae bands of ending the record with a dub jam. “Where Do We Go Dub” pushes the band outside their comfort zone of party band in exciting ways. Far too often the obligitory dub closer comes off as self-indulgent, but here it’s a sign that The Big Takeover should experiment a little more.

The album is available here.