new music: i downloaded kid cudi’s ‘satellite flight’ illegally and now i feel bad

February 26, 2014

Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon is Kid Cudi’s fourth studio album, and second from his own label, Wicked Awesome Records. The 10-track album came as a surprise a few days ago (he only gave a few hours’ notice before releasing it on February 25th at midnight). Cudi previously dubbed this project as merely a mixtape, with fans eagerly forming their own opinion on the artists’ latest creative venture all over the Internet.
A rare hybrid of Hip-Hop, Punk and Electro/Synth, Satellite Flight does not disappoint in its faithfulness to Cudi’s signature sound, yet, brings a different approach in its execution.
This “signature sound”, crafted by both Kanye West and Cudi in the late 2000s’, takes its’ own unique journey in the new album with the placement of menacing violins, synthesizers, deep drums, electric guitars, and of course, Cudi’s smoky vocals.

By Gyasi Williams- Kirtley, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Religious to his subject matter, Cudder does rap about his feelings of ostracization, but cloaked with a more empowering undertone. The album’s sixth track, “Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now”, serves as a testimony to critics no longer in his circle. In the track Cudi raps “Pardon my wizard talk, but I’m elevated /No drank, no tree and I’m levitated”, hopeful lyrics that generate the assumption that his history of frequent drug abuse is under control. For one, the Ohio rapper has tried it all, he emotionally admits it via his track “Internal Bleeding”, as his personal conflicts still linger within.

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What else can we learn about Mr. Solo Dolo from this album? For one, he’s not afraid to ask for help removing his $2,000 dollar denim biker pants for a little foreplay, and knows exactly whose sultry voice to lay on top of his demands. With Raphael Saadiq on vocals, and the only featured artist on the album, the R&B tone of “Balmain Jeans” makes for an inviting “slow jam”; guarantee to end up in fans’ “Most Played” iTunes Library list.

“Balmain Jeans” isn’t the only spellbinding track on the album. Satellite Flight features two uniquely compelling tunes, “Destination: Mother Moon”, and “Return of the Moon Man”, an all-original score by Kid Cudi. “Return of the Moon Man” has a strikingly violent orchestra backdrop that seems to lead onto a road of unwinding terror, which last all of 5 minutes. If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine yourself cascading through Satellite Flight as the lone survivor of a space shuttle mission gone wrong. Code name: Sandra Bullock.

Let’s cut to the real conflict at hand for most critics. Satellite Flight does borrow its likeness to the ambiance of Kanye’s summer album, Yeezus, but let’s face it: they both created the sound. Critics would like to imagine that Cudi and Kanye were passing experimental beats back and forth like sweaty handwritten notes in biology class, but Satellite Flight has full production glory to Cudder, and WZRD group mate Dot da Genius. The track “Copernicus Landing”, titled after astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus’ model of a sun-centered solar system, is a representation of a Cudi-centered album, showcasing his amazing production abilities.

News Flash: Fans are never going to get another Man on the Moon: The End of Day, or Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Ranger. We probably wont even hear the Cudi of ’08. The artist that is Scott Mescudi is forever evolving, an indirect theme in this album, and understands his commercial potential and success, a career move more beneficial than remaking past work through the same methodic recipe.

Tracks like “Going the Ceremony” and “Troubled Boy” are brilliant in composition and universal enough to serve as backdrop to a future Quentin Tarantino film, or the next Apple commercial mosaic for “next best thing” in modern technology.

The album opens a new chapter for Cudi as he re-enters his passion for acting with roles in the motion picture ‘Need for Speed’, alongside Aaron Paul, and the film adaptation of ‘Entourage’.

Kid Cudi is subsequently doing whatever makes him happy, he’s progressive as an artist, Satellite Flight is a expansion of his new journey and advanced sound, only describable by the vibrational pitches of the Universe itself.

* Gyasi Williams- Kirtley on Twitter: @thedominusg