hasani claxton’s african fantasy art: portraits of imagination

February 11, 2014

Who would’ve known that a butterfly can behold a beauty beyond this world? And how could a warrior look so graceful- owning her rich brown skin and natural glory glowing from her sword? The grand portraits of whimsical characters come to life in painter Hasani Claxton’s artwork.
Hasani captures the essence of ancient people of the African diaspora combining ethnic patterns, texture, satire, and scenery along with a recognizable love for nature. With a hint of an African-Medieval feel, Hasani brings to life pre-colonial African history through mythology, portraying Afro people as the beautiful, heroic, and royals that we are.
In hopes of one day illustrating artwork for young children, Hasani Claxton continues to create art that conveys the people of the African diaspora as positive forces within the world, contrary to the image society paints us to be.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *
Images © Hasani Claxton

“The old colonial portrayal of Africa as a “Dark Continent” full of savages persists to this day in Western media. It negatively influences the way that we in the African Diaspora are perceived and how we perceive ourselves. The goal of my work is to counteract that colonial narrative by drawing upon the grandeur of pre-colonial African history and mythology to tell the forgotten stories of medieval Africa and create new fantasy worlds.” – Hasani Claxton

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