tim okamura – the hair renaissance

January 23, 2014
There’s something very special about huge, colorful, long, and kinky hair that has the power to turn heads, especially when modeled by someone who owns its power, and even more so when its natural! There’s been a sort of hair renaissance celebrated around the world by Afro men and women alike- proudly embracing their natural wisdom in the form of hair, maintained to show the world.
By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *
Not only has this hair renaissance become evident in our daily lives but its influence is the mirror for many Artists artwork today. Painter, Tim Okamura’s masterpieces have gained great notoriety and approval by many. Besides the fact that Tim’s work is evidence of his appreciation for natural hair, what’s even more wondrous is that his depictions are of the everyday Afro men and women- the simply dressed woman you may see heading to work, or a man who looks like the guy you attend school with, and possibly a girl who you might see walking to a bodega down the street from your house. There’s nothing flashy about his depictions yet, you can’t help but admire the radiant skin complexions, and of course the glorious crowns of curls reaching for the stars, leaving the sweet scent of African Pride in the air!
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