take an in-depth tour within the soul with siairashawn’s latest ep ‘ghost’

January 24, 2014

A true artist has the ability to recognize the time preceding their existence, because after all; “you must know where you come from, in order to know you where you’re going”—loosely quoted, of course. California native, Brooklyn inhabitant, SiairaShawn looks to illustrate her appreciation of the past through sounds of a new generation, by way of her aesthetically-pleasing offering entitled, Ghost.

By Jarrett Johnson, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Siaira’s newest EP is seven tracks of alluring harmonies, and raw innovation. The album may primarily seem to harness an apparent sadness draped in eerie melodies, but then suddenly transforms into a soulful journey, in which Siaira’s dominant voice is the guide. The title track “Ghost” refers to a current love interest holding on to a past relationship, much like a ghost refusing to let go of a former dwelling. The haunting, yet harmonious tune produced by hazali, happens to embody everything a title track should, in regards to album relevance.

Unlike other fictitious albums with proposed title tracks like “I’m in Love” while the entire album is about poppin’ bottles and getting money (although people ARE in love with bottles and money), Siaira’s Ghost track embodies a lingering presence, and stresses the relevance of the past pertaining to the present, more importantly, to the future, all of which seem to be the basis of her musical devotion. Siaira strives to be the figurative pipeline, for which each time frame of life is accurately represented.

Other tracks on the album include standout songs, “You” and “Fool”, which are both equally as image provoking as the title track. As a song-writer, Siaira carefully crafts lyrics that activate the listener’s imagination. This EP is highly innovative, and could be described as something I would call, soulfully melancholy. Her eccentric style and ultra-modern take on music comes together to make a perfect representation of the more positive facets of this new wave a music.

Aside from her own creations, Siaira has covered a couple industry hits such as; Sade’s “Cherish the Day” and Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter”. I’ve learned that most people tend to steer clear of music they don’t understand, not realizing it may be something they need. The Ghost EP much like other new music, offers an alternative to what people THINK they want, for something necessary and abstract, yet–due to our massive mental capacities for creativity, something totally attainable.

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