stream the suburban plaza’s beautiful cover of sly and the family stone’s “hot fun in the summertime.” #soundcheck

January 17, 2014

OK. So it’s almost cruel to post this in the dead of winter, but sometimes you need a little summer jam to remind you what’s on the other side of cold. The Suburban Plaza out of Rochester, NY makes the kind of music that should come with a cold drink. R&B, soul, and indie rock chill out on the stoop on their track “Summertime.”

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Interpolating Sly and the Family Stone’s immortal “Hot Fun in the Summertime” with vocoded harmonies and a super minimal guitar arrangement, “Summertime” turns Sly Stone’s exuberant ode to summer into bittersweet nostalgia. It’s the memory of Sly Stone’s perfect summer day with the sense that it may never come again. Or maybe that’s just how it reads in January. The video sets the whole thing to clips from home movies for the ultimate nostalgia blast.