photographer kwesi abbensetts: celebrating everyday beauty

January 13, 2014

Beyond the lens of his camera, Brooklyn based photographer Kwesi Abbensetts has a keen eye in recognizing the natural beauty in others, while using simplicity as a muse in his wondrous collections of photography. Kwesi is of Guyanese decent. His rich Caribbean culture is well-known for the daily sights of bright colors and beautiful people. No wonder his artwork mirrors the same beauty. Divine moments captured for all to inhale and appreciate.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

It would be too easy for Kwesi to use editorial fashion models and celebrities as his subjects like he has before. As of late, he sees no need to do so. Kwesi understands that the everyday person from around the way is just as photogenic- he embraces their beauty and recognizes that their flaws make them just as beautiful! I’ve fallen in love with Kwesi’s imagery and his use of beautiful people with the richest hues in nature’s rainbow. Beautiful dark skin contrasts gracefully next to complex patterns and vibrant colors. Until I had the privilege to speak with Kwesi, I never quite understood exactly how a photographer connects with a camera and expresses themselves through the beauty of others. But alas, my understanding has come full circle! I’ve learned that the audacity to romanticize with nature, and appreciation of life is necessary for any artist to be conducive to the culture of their craft. Kwesi Abbensetts’ photography truly shows his appreciation! For more of Kwesi Abbensetts photography, visit

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