free download: youth man’s ‘bad weather’ ep – punk rock and psychedelia have never sounded so good together. #soundcheck

January 20, 2014

New favorite band alert! With the intensity of X-Ray Spex and chops of the Screaming Females (and just a touch of Dischord style psychedelia), Birmingham-based Youth Man explodes on their latest EP. Over 5 bombastic tracks, The Bad Weather EP establishes Youth Man as one of punk rock’s most inspired acts right now.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Given that punk began largely as a reaction to the musical excess of psychedelic and prog, it’s never short of mind blowing when a band can go full on psych-out without betraying that punk immediacy and minimalism. Sure, there are tons of bands who have tried to make the same concoction, but there are a hundred self-indulgent Coheed and Cambrias for every taut Faraquet. So when Youth Man closes their EP with the sludgy time-shifting “Wide Awake” and it feels just as punk as their minute-and-a-half kissoff “Inspid,” you know they’ve got something serious going on.Free EP Download:

The album opener “Heavy Rain” is a perfect encapsulation of what this band is capable of. Haunting clean guitar gives way to cranked distortion before time stops and singer Kaila Whyte forces every decibel out of her vocal chords. Finally the band kicks back in and her angular melodies lodge themselves indelibly in your brain. Be warned: your old favorite band might have just been replaced.