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January 6, 2014

HAPPY 2014! Hope everyone enjoyed ringing in the New Year—I know I am excited for the next 365 days. With the New Year came resolutions blah blah blah, and also came a snowstorm and this bitter cold weather. This is the type of cold that gets to your bones.
People are frontin’ like it is 40 degrees out, when it is really more like -40 degrees. Every news channel I have turned to, I’ve heard, “this weather is going to be dangerous…”, “Stay in .” Like the chance of hypothermia is very much possible, and unfortunately, I’ve seen too many people (ESPECIALLY GIRLS) trying to be cute in this weather by wearing no hats, scarves or gloves. Let’s be real, you know that your face is cold.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contrbutor

I would say, who cares about being cute, but it always seems that New Yorkers manage to remain stylish in the cold—so let’s go for the bundled but cute look.
First, a hat. Not always the most practical, because hair gets messed up and what not, but hair also gets messed up by the elements and wind—so cover you head with a slouchy knit hat, with a chunky yarn or sport the skully. I love the big slouchy hats because the outfit still manages to be cute—and adds a cozy comfortable look to an outfit. Second, the fingers. My cell phone is like my second child (the first is my fish Momo), so risked the well being of my fingers to use my phone in the cold. I ended that this year! Arm warmers and a pair of texting gloves are my go to, when I don’t want to wear my chunky North Face gloves. I can still use my cell phone, but keep warm. Want to save some money? Crotchet or knit a pair of arm warmers—that can take you 20 minutes. I purchased my texting gloves from Macy’s for about $20, or just try a NYC street vendor. If you want to make an investment in warm but phone compatible gloves—try North Face. Check out some stylish winter looks and some practical yet warm finds for your wardrobe.

Bundle up ya’ll…plus , look how cute Mr. Idris Elba look in his little hat….if anything, wear a hat for him 😉

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