ap fashion: mdmflow – young scientist florence adepoju’s lipstick line is poppin’

January 27, 2014

The late 90’s and early 2000’s have made a comeback multiple times in fashion this past year—as the flashy and vibrancy of the hip hop culture made a mark, transcending generations. The development of the lipstick line, MDM Flow, is a clash of the “mid 90’s and 00’s hip hop culture.” 22-year-old, Florence Adepoju, scientist with a BSc (Hons) in Cosmetic Science from the London College of Fashion is recreating color technology through the development of her lipsticks, representing her “lifestyles and ideals.” The lipstick line is an accumulation of all things flashy and going beyond the lipstick palette of a MAC or Sephora.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Florence’s creation is a complete DIY as all lipsticks are “handmade using…latext colour technology.” The gold casing and vibrant color options are sure to catch the eye of the public—so take a risk and be bold with your lips this season. My personal favorite is the “3 kings” lipstick color—a dark green with a bit of shimmer and it seems to apply in a matte like finish.

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Feeling bossy, self made, or like a sweet escape—there is a lipstick color for you!

Stay fly!