19-year-old steven barker is mirror signal. soul, jazz, indie, and hip-hop converge in his debut ep. #soundcheck

January 13, 2014

Mirror Signal is the project of singer/songwriter Steven Barker. The 19-year-old from Suffolk, England released his debut EP last spring, and it is most definitely something worth checking out. Mixing indie songwriting with soul, jazz, hip-hop, and electronic influences, The Broken Soldier EP is simply awesome.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

A slight rasp adds depth to his smooth croon on the spaced out opener “I’ve Changed My Signature.” Mirror Signal excels exploring the depth between beats. Reverb is too often used as a stand-in for actual atmosphere, but Steven Barker-as-producer seems to have an uncanny feel for ambiance. “Broken Soldiers” revels in bursts of haunting soulful melody interspersed with dub-inflected moodiness. Mirror Signal is something rare.

The EP is streaming on Soundcloud, and available for purchase on iTunes.