#soundcheck “we own the night” from kenyan alt rock band the claymore project

December 6, 2013

Check the debut single “We Own the Night” from Kenyan Alt Rock band The Claymore Project. #SoundCheck

Since 2009, the Nairobi Rock Fest has been an annual celebration of the city’s vibrant underground. This year’s festival features performances from previously featured bands Last Year’s Tragedy and Murfy’s fLaw, and also newcomers The Claymore Project.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Though they’ve only recorded one single so far, The Claymore Project shows a lot of promise. Taking cues from 90’s pop and alternative, “We Own the Night” is anthemic. Singer Muthi Njama has an effortless charisma, and the band is tight and dynamic. And I’m always a sucker for a handclap breakdown. (Who isn’t, though?)

The festival is on December 7th this year at Club Iconic. As the Nairobi scene continues to grow and gain international attention, The Claymore Project are positioning themselves as a band with potential for international success. Check out their interview below on Nairobi’s #TheTrend.