photography: paulo p. lima’s ‘afro-brazilian devotion’

December 18, 2013

Hey guys, we’d like to share some images by Brazilian photographer Paulo P. Lima with you. His inspiration for this ‘Afro-Brazilian Devotion’ collection comes from his recent trip to São Paulo and Salvador, Bahia (October 2012 and March 2013). Lima says: “My photography allows me to be in contact with my Brazilian background and to be intimately related to my sense of beauty, exploring aspects of ‘decay’ in relation to space and bodies”. “Afro-Brazilian Devotion is a dream collection because it combines my passion for Brazilian culture, theatre and performance”.
– L. C-D

Paulo P. Lima’s camp tells us: “This collection focuses on large-scale photographs, exhibiting cultural Brazilian elements from Candomblé, an Afro-Brazilian religion practiced in several cities of Brazil including, São Paulo and Salvador.
Afro-Brazilian Devotion also highlights images of street performances depicting runaway slaves, cities of Cachoeira and São Felix, Bahia. Additionally, the collection incorporates Afro-Brazilian tradition including, Baiana, an iconic representation of women who sell food on the streets of Salvador and other Brazilian cities.
He used photography to register various moments of faith, collecting images of religious and secular performances alike.
‘Afro-Brazilian Devotion’ is now showcasing 20 of the 50 photographs in Congresswoman Karen Bass’ district offices, Los Angeles, CA and Washington, D.C., through February 2014.
* Paulo Lima can be reached at and