biac martinique: international biennial of contemporary art

December 18, 2013

Art is always on the verge of new horizons. It has a way of conversing with our mind and even our conscience. But when poetry and art come together, the divinity in place is quite euphoric. The vibrant colors and unique patterns that vividly pierce through our imaginations by African, Caribbean, Asian and Latin American art stampede outside the margins of tradition at BIAC Martinique (International Biennial of Contemporary Art – from 22nd November 2013 to 15th January 2014). Thankfully, an establishment has been created to unite masterpieces inspired by rich cultures in one place.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

© David Gumbs

© David Gumbs

BIAC Director, Johanna Auguiac-Celenice and writer/poet Patrick Chamoiseau have introduced the world to the “International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Martinique” for the first time! For its first edition, the BIAC has brought to life a festive celebration of all forms of art including literature, graffiti, typography, story-tellers to say the least, that will contribute to the long list of art displayed.

© Bernard Williams

© René Peña

Through natural landscape and the beauty of Martinique, art is showcased merging the worlds of the Americas through different aesthetics of forty artists from the Caribbean and other regions.

© Mirtho Linguet

© Elizabeth Colomba

Visit the BIAC Martinique website for more information.

© Inés Tolentino

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