ap fashion: are these pants ok? patterned/colored pants…yes, even for the winter

December 23, 2013

The warm weather this past weekend in New York City got me very excited….I  started thinking about spring, and how excited I am to wear pants other than jeans, like harem pants, patterned pants — but then I realized…these pants can be worn in the winter as well. I spent a few hours (yes, hours…winter vacation has allowed me to have a lot of me time haha) browsing online shops and the patterned trouser or harem pant in very in.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor

Many companies are using what seems to be a silk, polyester blend material for these trouser like pants, not necessarily ideal for cold days, but if you are wearing a silky pant in the winter, wear some tights underneath.  The look can still be pulled off.  I was always a bit hesitant to patterned pants in the winter, but they bring life to an outfit and life to winter.  Color, as I stressed before, is very important during this time of the year—always strive to brighten up, what can be, drab weather.  Pair a trouser patterned pant with an oxford shoe, or a solid colored heel. Be bold this winter, use colors and patterns on your bottom shy away from JUST wearing blue jeans and leggings.  People tend to wear jeans, leggings and sweatpants because those are convenient in the winter, but remember, fashion isn’t necessarily about always being convenient— step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

You don’t have to wait until the spring to add a patterned or color trouser to your wardrobe.  I am still working on layering patterns within an outfit—so for now I will stick to a solid colored top with a patterned bottom and maybe a blazer. This trouser style pant can be dressed up and down.  Heading to a holiday gathering—throw on these pants, heels, tuck a white v neck in and a solid colored belt, grab a clutch and pumps on the feet.  Going to class or a casual lunch or dinner—go with the oxfords, maybe an oversized sweater and an infinity scarf.


For guys, whether a patterned pants or solid color—oxfords are always a go to shoe – matched in a blazer if you are trying to dapper things up.  Like the ladies—a solid sweater matched with a pant works for a more casual look. 


Check out a few of my favorite looks below!


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