nyc punks the amputees’ latest ep ‘scream’ is tight, hard, and raw. #soundcheck

November 22, 2013

Sprawling many-guitared punk rock band The Amputees are back this week with their second EP. Though loudly titled, their Scream EP is driven much more by melody and storytelling than their debut.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Stream 2 tracks:

Giant harmonies elevate the lead single “Beaner,” while the minimal quasi-cowpunk keeps it solidly anchored to the ground. Frustrated and weary, singer Louis Ramos opens with the line “I was born here, under the hot sun” before alternating between longing to go back to Texas and longing for New York. But wherever he is, he declares “by any name, call me Beaner with a capital G.” There are few punk songwriters outside of Social Distortion’s Mike Ness who can capture that kind of exasperated sigh for the endless bullshit of the world while still making it driving and compelling.

The rest of the EP is as solid. The female-fronted sludgefest “Holden” and the light-speed “King Jubs” prove The Amputees can still rock hard, before closing with the catchy “88.” The only track on the record with any actual “solo,” you have to admire the restraint of a band with 4 guitars not constantly devolving into some sort of Guitar Center hellscape. Instead, their music is tight, minimal and focused. This is an EP you need to check out.

It will be available through Bandcamp, and on limited edition 7” vinyl November 23rd.