ap fashion: sober sundays – dress in your sunday best for brunch

November 25, 2013

Sunday brunch with my mom or a friend has become a tradition over the past few months. Sometimes it feels great to wake up to the silent streets of New York, get dressed and head out to a cafe or restaurant for French toast, a cappuccino and good laughs. For many adults and college students, Sunday is recovery day or as many like to call it… “Sober Sundays.” I’m all about being comfy on a Sunday, but I never want to look like the turn up was too real the night before. Be cozy, casual, but cute on a Sunday. Throw on a pair of your best shades, a wide brim hat and take on the challenge of the day!

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor

Here are a few great looks and pieces to add to any outfit. Throw on some shades, and rock some of the below items for your “after turn up” brunch. Throw on an oversized knit sweater, necklace and leggings or maxi skirt, lace up booties and a long sleeve t-shirt. Don’t let Sunday go to waste– enjoy what can be a beautiful day and good company.  
Personally, Harlem is glorious on a Sunday morning…scratch that…New York is glorious on a Sunday morning. There are some great brunch/lunch spots that I have hit up a few times. The streets are silent and there are so many great eats. Here are three of my favorite eateries for an early Sunday meal.

• Il Caffe Latte (They now have a new location on 145th Street east of Amsterdam Avenue)

• Harlem Tavern

• Qi Asian Eatery (Warning – You MUST look up when walking across 14th Street to 6th Avenue- otherwise you will miss the sign. It is a small sign that say Qi)

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