ap fashion: bundle it up!

November 5, 2013

It seems that the weather skipped from a quick fall to the cold winter that we all know and love. Christmas advertisements are flooding TV and the internet—and I am stuck wondering, why haven’t I experienced fall yet? The drastic drop in temperature over the past few days, has forced me to pull out my scarves, a heavier jacket, and this morning, I even contemplated pulling out gloves.
The key to successful winter styling is being cute, but making sure to be warm. Beauty and looking cute sometimes calls for pain, but hypothermia ain’t the way to go either.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor

The times of wearing only a tee and light moto jacket have passed, sadly. Time to layer! Growing up I was always bundled up for school in a puffy LLBean Jacket with like five thousand zippers. Over the years I have compromised, looking for jackets that still keep me nice and toasty but have more movement and give me the option to layer or display accessories underneath.

Throw on an infinity scarf with a large oversized jacket or a solid color long sleeved shirt and a vibrant layered necklace. Last year, I went with a mustard color oversized will jacket, that worked for numerous outfits and occasions. Go with earthy tones for a jacket and you have the option to go bold with any accessories!

A bold item adds vibrancy to an outfit, allowing personal style to be different. I love scarves. I always wear some type of scarf with an outfit, whether a light silk scarf, or a heavier infinity scarf. For the winter, I rely on crotched or knitted scarves or you can even take a favorite printed fabric, cut it, and wrap it around your neck. A scarf has rescued many of my outfits on some my lazy college student days. This winter, expand your scarf collection ( I think I have about 15 scarves for the winter and maybe 10 more spring/summer scarves).

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Enjoy the week and stay fly!