vintage anime inspired outfits by lioness

October 22, 2013

If you know me you know I like anime, and last year I went to my first anime convention: Motaku. I was seriously mesmerized by all the cosplayers. They put so much detail into their costumes and not only did they look like the character they were portraying, they were walking and talking like them too…it was sick! I probably won’t be cosplaying myself anytime soon because I have no one who’s willing to do it with me haha, but I noticed that I did style a few outfits from my shop like some of my favorite characters without even realizing it! Check out my vintage anime inspired outfits below.

By Jacque Amadi, AFROPUNK Contributor

Afro Samurai
watch Afro Samurai here
This dress perfectly captures Afro’s samurai style, from the color scheme to the shape of the top! Whether you’re avenging your father’s death or going out for drinks, you’re bound to look chic. All that’s missing is that Number One headband! Get the dress here.



Michiko Malandro
watch Michiko to Hatchin here
Michiko is a take charge kind of lady and her signature outfit definitely gets that point across. This windbreaker captures her tough urban style without revealing as much as her teeny jacket. Get the windbreaker here. (Also, watch this anime! It’s beautifully drawn and takes place in Brazil, so all the characters are super diverse.)



Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
watch Tiger & Bunny here
Kotetsu is my all time favorite anime character, hands down. He’s one half of the crime fighting duo Tiger and Bunny, and although he’s older and bumbling he’s got the most heart. Capture his classic but quirky style in this gold printed vest. Pair with a cute tie and some oxfords and you’re good to go!


What animes do you like to watch?