start freaking out! afropunk fest alums radkey’s newest ep is classic punk rock at its best. #soundcheck

October 14, 2013

Boasting a sound half-way between 90’s alt rock mainstays Local H and 70’s punk icons The Damned, The Radke brothers of Radkey have been blowing up big this past year. Since their killer set at AFROPUNK Fest 2012, the home-schooled brothers have been opening for bands like Fishbone, The Supersuckers, and naturally, Local H. Now they’ve got their latest EP, the classic punk rock of Devil Fruit.

Review by Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor
Banner photo by Phil Knott

Buzz saw guitars cut swaths through breakneck drums, while oldest brother Dee wails like the second coming of Glenn Danzig. The 4 songs on Devil Fruit run from the anthemic sing-along of “Romance Dawn” to the aggressive old school Youth Brigade hardcore of “Start Freaking Out.” Raised and schooled at home by a devoted student of rock, the trio clearly was born to take their place in the grand lineage of riff rock.

Devil Fruit is currently available to stream via SoundCloud and comes out tomorrow, October 15th.