spotlight on badass uk mc scrufizzer

October 29, 2013

There was a lot to be taken in from Danny Brown’s ‘Old’ album which, in short, chronicled the destructive suppression of his past and his need for drugs to keep it from surfacing. Still, by Brown being the experimental rapper that he is, those stories were told through ways that hip-hop typically isn’t. One of those ways was his use of grime (a derivative of hip-hop in the UK) in “Dubstep” featuring one of the UK’s biggest hopefuls, Scrufizzer.

By Lawrence Burney, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Scrufizzer, originally Scru Face, spits as fast (probably faster) than any active emcee and his dancehall-infused flow coupled with a nasal timbre similar to that of Dizzee Rascal’s, his sound is rather alien. His recent release—the Kick It EP—is a collection of remixes of his “Kick It” track that goes further into his experimentation with soundscapes. The original mix is an evolution of house music produced by Zed Bias where Scru shouts out old friends that wanna “kick it again” after he’s found some success. The real gold in his music is his ability to make danceable tracks while still being able to touch base on what he analyzes in his hood in West London. No wonder why he opened up for Kendrick Lamar’s UK tour and was featured on Danny Brown’s album; both are great at making serious shit sound good as well.

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