r!ot: disturbing the peace through guerill[art]

October 22, 2013

The scene is frantic! Civil war has broke out against the once lived hierarchy & fed-up citizens. Stones, acting as rain drops hover over the crowd’s heads, while piercing screams of children go unnoticed through the dusty airways. In the midst of all havoc there is an image of a man with a radio sitting on his shoulders and a four-finger ringer that states, Uthando, which is the Zulu word for love. In the bottom right corner, “Fight The Power” is commanded. The same illustration is placed all over this fictitious city, on billboards, painted as murals, and taxi cab advertisements; it’s presence has impacted the heart of the city, inspiring the oppressed to finally seek equality and fight for what belongs to them.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Sindiso Nyoni or simply known as R!OT is the artist of this Guerill[art] illustrations. His definition: Inspiring mental change and social awareness by the means of thought provoking graphic illustrations. Although the scene I described earlier wasn’t real, doesn’t mean it’s not reality. Through the power of art, countries, enemies, people, friends, and cultures can unite and oppressed people around the world can be empowered!

Yes, Guerill[art] has been the basis of R!OT’s artwork but since graduating from The University of Johannesburg in 2008, R!OT has created wondrous illustrations for the likes of Nike, Smirnoff, and Adidas just to name a few. To check out more of R!OT’s illustrations and projects, visit

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