new young pony club is now called nypc. their new record is a badass burst of electro and is out today. #soundcheck

October 7, 2013

NYPC has been going through a lot of big changes lately. They recently shed all those pesky extra letters in New Young Pony Club, rechristening themselves as simply NYPC. They’ve also had a few line-up changes, stripping down from a 5-piece to a trio. These changes are evident in the music, which leans much harder on their electro influences than previous albums. The transformation mirrors the recent evolution of Noiseaux from alt-rock to electro. But one thing has remained consistent: the cool but confrontational vocals of singer Tahita Bulmer.

The distorted bass of previous records has been replaced by detuned old school analog synths, reminiscent of Depeche Mode’s first Vince Clark-led record, or Ladytron’s first few records. On stand-out tracks like “You Used To Be A Man,” and “Things Like You,” the trio works hard to make their newfound minimalism an asset. The production is deliberately spare, but still engaging. When guitars surface on “Play Hard” it’s almost surprising.

Fans of the old NYPC will fall in love with the new NYPC on the album closer “L.O.V.E.” Driven by a distorted bass and anthemic handclaps and live drums, the track borrows a synth line from Gary Numan’s electro classic “Cars.” It’s a perfect way to end the record, simultaneously paying tribute to where NYPC has come from, while stating clearly where they’re headed. New Young Pony Club is dead. Long live NYPC!

– Words by Nathan Leigh