neurotic november pushes metalcore in surprising new directions on label debut ‘anunnaki’ #soundcheck

October 28, 2013

Metalcore quintet Neurotic November is the latest addition to the venerable Victory Records stable. Neurotic November’s lineup is a versatile band capable of leaping from thundering ultra deep riffs to triumphant metal leads in a single bound, and even some funk metal on “Nonchalant.” Their latest record (and label debut), Anunnaki drops October 29th.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

The band drops nods to (intentional or not) chiptune and demo music on “You’re Not An Easy Act To Follow” and with the synth-laden intro to “Alonzo/Precious Life.” Singer Dirty adds more depth than the average metalcore vocalist by jumping from a death growl to a shriek and rapping like on the nearly posi-core “Parents.”

“Parents” is a surprise. Metalcore is more often used to express rage as in “Can Be Conquered” or heartbreak and betrayal on “The Betrayer.” But sincere gratitude to one’s family is a new one. “Nonchalant” features Dirty switching between a high pitched howl and Outkast-esque rapid-fire rhymes. The genre switch isn’t surprising, what’s surprising is how well it works.

Stylistically Neurotic November deserves props for being willing to explore new sounds and not be bound to playing by metalcore’s rules. And while they have a few tracks that deal with heartbreak in reductive terms like “The Betrayer,” the band’s willingness to embrace themes beyond anger in their music may be the thing that could push metalcore in interesting new directions. Anunnaki closes out with “Our Development.” Jumping between deathcore and thrash with persistent post-hardcore nods the record closes with a song about nostalgia and regret. “Fuck, I hate growing up.” Dirty screams over the outro.