mammy and uncle remus break their molds and whoop some ass

October 1, 2013

What if racist characters like Aunt Jemina, Mam E, Uncle Remus turned the tables and whooped some ass?
Visual artist Dawolu Jabari Anderson created ‘Gullah Sci-Fi Mysteries’, a comic book series in which these characters break their molds and become superheroes.
Mam-E is now “a ferocious, headphones-wearing riff on the Aunt Jemima/Mammy stereotype.”
Anderson explains: “Early one ‘mawn’n’, Dinah (aka Mammy or Mam E.) was sweeping the front porch while humming an old slave spiritual. The broom then unlocked it’s fantastic powers responding to the frequencies of Dinah’s voice, thus transforming her into Mam-E.”
Check out some images below + More info here.