mama – don’t stop the beat (official music video)

October 8, 2013

MAMA Takes A Few Hits In Her “Don’t Stop The Beat” Video.
In MAMA’s visual for the dance music hit “Don’t Stop The Beat,” she stands before you nude, with bright red lips and in between flashes of splattered blood. Toying with the theme of domestic violence, the London-based singer starts the video off standing completely bare without makeup, announcing the removal of vanity. As the song progresses her face transforms from natural to a large coverage of lipstick and eyeliner. In between these shots she appears with a bloody lip and a black eye. The flickering frames keep up with songs fast tempo, allowing the lyrics to match MAMA’s distress. When she sings “Don’t Die. Just Bleed,” she means it.
-Niesha Miller

Video Directed by Roger Spy.
Track written and produced by Simone Ogunbunmi and Marco Freivogel.