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October 30, 2013

As soulful beats, witty lyrics, and a reserved demeanor penetrate the airwaves, Amsterdam’s very own, MC Melodee kicks smooth rhymes making sure to grab the listener’s attention. Her visuals for, Think Twice produced by duo, Cookin’ Soul, from Spain is simple, letting the viewer take in the scenery and MC Melodee’s poetic presence. Beyond her array of wonderful raps, smooth beats, and beauty stands stands a smart and sophisticated woman. When given the opportunity to speak with MC Melodee as she toured the U.S., learning of her good intentions and personable attitude I received more insight on her inspirations, goals and why she doesn’t care to be a millionaire. Don’t believe me, see for yourself in the interview below!

Interview by Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Tip: Who is MC Melodee?
Melodee: I’m a writer, performer, and entrepreneur from Amsterdam.
Tip: What are your musical inspirations?
Melodee: Love, life, music, dilemmas, relationships; I also get inspired while listening to soulful music, and music that I can relate to. I usually write to beats that move me or beats that put me in a certain mood. Another thing that inspires me is traveling the world and meeting like-minded people, and great conversation. 
Tip: Describe your style.
MC Melodee: A bit of a mixture of tough, and sexy complimented by witty rhymes. What you see is what you get when it comes to persona and style.
Tip: How do you reflect yourself through your art, without compromising who you are in spite of “Hollywood” expectations?
MC Melodee: I always stay true to myself and the life that I’m living, the goals I’ve set forth. I’ve never pretended to be anything but who I am. I find it essential to deliver the best quality possible, and show your skills in the music you put out. “Hollywood” goals might not necessarily be my goals so achieving them will never make me happy. To be honest, I don’t aspire to be a millionaire. My focus is exclusively on my voice being heard and reaching the masses- having people from near and far relate to my music is the focus. 
Tip: Where do you see yourself & music in the next year?
MC Melodee: I’ve been working on a few songs with several Hip-Hop artist in the U.S. which I’m excited to put out in the near future as well as gearing up for my upcoming EP slated to be released this Winter. After the release I will be touring in Europe.
Tip: Being that music is such a powerful platform, what is the message you try to convey to your audience? 
MC Melodee: Always stay true to yourself, believe in your skills, and have the discipline to work hard and never give up! I encourage all to follow their heart in everything you do, and stay humble. Appreciate people that support you and help you see the beautiful things that cross your path. Be open and creative, and seize every opportunity you get to show your gifts to the world!
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